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A sign displaying the words "You Got This"As more individuals prepare for returning to the community after a period of isolation, there may be concerns when it appears someone is stuck in a rut, reluctant to return to pre-COVID routines, or just not motivated to work on goals or activities in a way they may have before COVID-19. Uncovering the cause of this seeming lack of motivation is important and may be different for everyone considering there may be many factors at play. One way to address motivation concerns if by looking at them through a framework suggested by Dan Pink, in his book Drive. In it, Pink describes three categorical motivators that can promote increased intrinsic motivation.

  • Autonomy - the desire to be self-directed
  • Mastery - itch to keep improving or be good at something that’s important to us
  • Purpose - that what we do produces something transcendent or serves something meaningful beyond than ourselves

To learn more about Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose as a framework for improving intrinsic motivation, you can check out some of our archived trainings:

Addressing Motivation Issues, Part 1 - Autonomy and Purpose

This session explores ways to rethink how we motivate people by supporting them to self-determine and encourage meaningful and functional goals and aspirations.

Addressing Motivation Issues, Part 2 - Mastery

This session explores how feeling competent and confident is an important consideration in encouraging motivation. 

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