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Self-Advocate Transition Guide Now Available 

An animated illustration of four people smiling as though they are taking a selfieThe Self-Advocate Transition Guide for community re-entry is now available. The guide, designed in collaboration between ASERT (Autism Services, Education Resources and Training) and SAU1 (Self-Advocates United as 1), can assist individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities and/or autism in developing their own self-directed path back into the community during Pennsylvania's yellow and green phases of the commonwealth's COVID-19 response. The guide is available at AIDinPA (, a collaboration between ASERT and PA Health Care Quality Units aimed at providing realtime best practice information for during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Self-Advocate Transition Guide can support individual decision-making around how to safely return to activities in the community while prioritizing physical and mental health and social distancing practices. It also offers guidance on changes to routine and provides helpful links and resources.

"It is an excellent tool for individuals who live independently or for those who are  engaged in planning their own supports," Says Nina Wall, Director of the Bureau of Supports for Autism and Special Populations, "This important resource acts as a helpful roadmap and can help to guide and inform decision making.”

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