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How To Build Resilience

A woman facing the ocean with her arms up in a powerful pose.
Though some of the individuals we support are among the most resilient people we have ever met, others may lack the requisite skills and characteristics needed to recover from adverse experiences. Resilience is the ability to bounce back from adversity. A recent NY Times article, What Makes Some People More Resilient Than Others? discusses the core components of resilient people. The article highlights how we can think of resilience as skills that can be learned through developing appropriate coping mechanisms, as well as internal processes.  The article also helps to identify characteristics of resilient people such as: 

  • having a positive, realistic outlook 
  • having a moral compass 
  • being altruistic
  • having a support system
  • having a belief in something greater than themselves
  • looking for meaningful opportunities within difficult situations

So, to help build resiliency in the people we support, we need to consider:


1. How to look at resiliency as a skill and teach coping strategies that help develop that skill.
2. How to help develop some of the characteristics that are associated with resilient people. 

To get started here are some links to resources for understanding and promoting resiliency in individuals with Autism or IDD:

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