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Liz Weintraub Will be One of Six Taking the Stage on Wednesday Evening

A head shot photograph of Liz Weintraub smilingLiz Weintraub will be joining the Everyday Lives Wednesday evening plenary panel to discuss her experiences with disability inclusion and belonging to multiple identity groups. Liz Weintraub has a long history of leadership in self advocacy and has held many board and advisory positions at state and national organizations. She is a full-time member of the AUCD's policy team and also the host of Tuesdays With Liz: Disability Policy For All, where she attempts to make policies in accessible language so policy is accessible to all.

In the spring of 2018, Liz served as a Fellow for Senator Casey of Pennsylvania, working in his DC Office where she helped lead the way on disability policy by helping the Senator hold the administration accountable for disability stakeholder input into key programs. This called attention to the need for accessible supports and services for students and employees with disabilities on college campuses who have been sexually assaulted, which resulted in a S.2530 and helped organize a first of its kind Pennsylvania Disability Employment Summit with over 250 participants. "Liz has shown the Senate how important it is to have staff members who have developmental and intellectual disabilities. She's helped reshape the culture of the Senate," said Senator Casey.

Posted: January 02, 2020 10:20