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PATC: Innovate - Day 2 Wrap up

An illustration of a lightbulb with the text PATC: InnovateDay two of the Pennsylvania Autism Training Conference (PATC) has been described as powerful, thought-provoking, and inspiring. If you missed Gabriel Nathan's session "Bringing Your Personal Narratives to Life," you may want to check out some of his work through OC87 Recovery Diaries or his documentary on suicide awareness.
Being a storyteller himself, Gabe impressed upon us that stories have the power to incite change and that everyone's story is important. As supporters, he encouraged us to be present - a captive audience, if you will. Those that we support may benefit from sharing their stories, and those that hear them may benefit, as well. So, we challenge you to encourage people to share their stories by, most importantly, listening (REALLY listening) and validating those experiences.
Don't know how to get the ball rolling? Check out the stories on OC87's website or the personal stories collected for PATC on MyODP and read them to the person you support. It may motivate and inspire them to share their story.
And, don't forget, you have stories to tell too!