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Registration now open for 2020 Lifesharing Conference

The PA Lifesharing Coalition logo reading that text above a silhouetted image of a crowd of people supporting a tree to stand up within a frame of Pennsylvania's shape.Registration is now open for the 2020 Lifesharing Virtual Conference. The conference, spearheaded by the Pennsylvania Lifesharing Coalition, will take place on October 26 and October 27. The Lifesharing Conference will feature keynote sessions, breakout sessions, and interactive activities to relate the latest in best lifesharing practices. Featured keynote speakers include Al Condeluci, PhD and Dave Hingsburger, who was a keynote speaker during the 2020 Everyday Lives Conference as well. 

Condeluci is a Pittsburg-based leader in community building, human services, and advocacy work. His presentation titled Addressing Loneliness and Social Isolation: The Key to a Better Lifepromises to "do a deep-dive into understanding social isolation. Not only will we look at the research and data related to this concept, but we will explore strategies and actions that can be employed in addressing loneliness by having social capital principles work for the people in your community. We will examine ways and means to building more effective relationships and combat social isolation."

Dave Hingsburger, a behavioral health specialist who has been working in direct supports for over 50 years, will offer his inspiring and impassioned take on the future of direct supports in Lifesharing and offer his insight on how to better support the individuals we serve. 

Co-Chair of the PA Lifesharing Coalition La'Tashia Gatling says, "attendees can look forward to a host of knowledgeable presenters and a variety of interactive sessions to gain useful information into the Lifesharing experience. They will walk away with further insight, useful materials, training hours, and even a few treats!" While the Lifesharing Conference will be held virtually, registrants will still receive a box containing handouts, conference materials, and gifts from conference sponsors by mail. 

The ongoing pandemic has thrown a wrench into gatherings across the world, the Lifesharing Conference included. "The hardest part was trying to connect with everyone online or via phone as opposed to our occasional meet-ups and preparation for the conference. There's a lot that goes into virtual planning that differs from in-person planning, so the adjustment took a little getting used to," says Gatling. However, the impressive two-day lineup and conference care packages are sure to give attendees the full experience.

Register by today, October 9, to ensure your package arrives before the conference. Registration professionals and family members alike are encouraged to attend and certificates for credit hours will be distributed after the event. Registration is $60. For more information, and to register, click the link below.   

Register for the 2020 Lifesharing Virtual Conference