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PADDC Seeking Stakeholder Input by October 21

The PADDC LogoThe Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities Council (PADDC) is currently seeking input from stakeholders to assist in the development of their Five Year Strategic Plan. The PADDC is a state-affiliated organization that engages in advocacy, systems change, and capacity building for people with developmental disabilities and their families. 

The PADDC relies heavily on stakeholder feedback to create it's Five Year Strategic Plan. Feedback can be submitted by individuals and families through a survey on the PADDC website. The survey should be completed before October 21. As it states on their website:

"The Developmental Disabilities Council is charged with periodically creating a state plan. It begins by learning about the present situation for people with developmental disabilities and their families in Pennsylvania. Next, the Council considers actions and strategies that will lead to more meaningful and participant lives for people with developmental disabilities in our state. These action ideas become the heart of the Council’s work plan over the coming years.

"In order to achieve the goals in the plan, Council funds proposals from groups and organizations through a competitive bid process. The Council’s work is broad and its activities are many."

Stakeholder feedback will be considered when deciding what initiatives the council will focus on, and where grant funding will be allocated.

What do you consider to be the most important issues facing people with disabilities in Pennsylvania? The survey may take about 10-15 minutes to complete. The survey asks for simple demographic information and feedback in specific areas. You can answer the survey anonymously or provide your name if you wish. This is your chance to be a part of the DD Council’s planning for the next five years. Please note, the Council is specifically seeking the input of individuals with a disability and their families. 

Click Here to Complete the Survey Before October 21!