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Common Mask Issues and How to Fix Them

Today we wanted to pass along another visual resource shared with us by the Office of Administration. Experiencing mask discomfort? There’s a solution for that! Check out common mask issues and how to fix them. Correctly wearing your mask, washing your hands and social distancing can help to stop the spread of COVID-19.
A chart reading common mask issues and solutions. Accessible text below.
Feel free to share this graphic with others to encourage mask-wearing as we dive into flu season and need to remain vigilant now, more than ever!
Accessible text description of the chart:
TITLE: Common Mask Issues & How to Fix Them
COLUMN TITLES: Column 1 - The Problem, Column 2 - The Solution
ROW 1: My mask just isn't comfortable - Try more than one style to find the one that works for you
ROW 2: My mask feels way too humid - Try cotton, it's more breathable
ROW 3: My mask fogs up my glasses - Place eyeglasses on the bridge of your nose
ROW 4: My mask is hurting my ears - try a cloth-covered, softer elastic band or a strap clip
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