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New CDC Guidance - Protect your Home from COVID-19

A poster from the CDC reading "Prevent COVID-19 in your Home. Stay Six feet from others, Wear a Mask, Wash your hands." The image features a woman dressed as a nurse waving goodbye to her family sitting around the dinner table as she leaves the house. She is wearing a mask as she walks towards a person who is indicated as having COVID-19, but her and her home are contained in bubbles.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued new guidance for keeping COVID-19 out of your home. The guidance, issued on November 30, 2020, emphasizes the importance of vigilance even when occupying spaces you feel safe in, like your home. If only one person in your home is exposed to COVID-19 then the entire household is at risk of contracting the virus. What can we do to minimize the risk of household exposure and what should we do if there has been suspected exposure in your home?

The CDC defines a household as:

  • Anyone who currently lives in and shares common spaces in your housing unit (house or apartment)
  • Households can include family members and or people who aren’t related to you, like roommates
  • People who don’t currently live with you (for example, college students who return home from school on breaks) are part of different households

The CDC recommends that each member of your household wear a mask, wash your hands, maintain a safe 6-foot distance from others, avoid extended visits/meetings with others, avoid crowds, and avoid poorly ventilated indoor spaces among other things. For fully published guidance visit the CDC website. Stay vigilant, stay informed, stay healthy!