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Vaccination for Non-Residential Direct Support Providers

The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services Logo containing that text and a keystone with a drawing of a nuclear family insideIn Pennsylvania’s COVID-19 Interim Plan for Vaccination residents and staff of community homes and intermediate care facilities are included in phase 1A under long-term care facilities. Non-residential staff are also included in phase 1A under Health Care Personnel. See the attached document for more information.


Health Care Personnel: Direct Support Professionals (DSPs)

All DSPs supporting individuals through face-to-face service provision outside of an ICF or 6400 setting are included in Phase 1A. This includes DSPs referred to as “Support Service Professionals” (SSPs) in ODP’s self-directed service models 

Providers should coordinate with vaccine providers: hospitals, health systems, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), and pharmacies for eligible DSPs to receive vaccine. ​

Providers are expected to:

  • Identify how many DSPs they employ overall and at each location.
    • DSPs must provide proof of occupation to receive a vaccine. This could include a state license or certification, letter from the employer on organization letterhead, facility identification/security badge, group listing on employer letterhead, or other proof of occupation. 
  • Consider establishing a process to track vaccination of DSPs.
    • Although vaccination information will be reported to the Department by vaccine providers, all healthcare personnel or their employers are requested to track vaccine participation and keep records of those who accept and those who decline vaccination.
  • Select a vaccine provider from the listed contact information on DOHs website.
  • Once you have selected a vaccine provider(s):
    • Review, for planning and discussion with your selected vaccine provider, the PENNSYLVANIA DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH 2020 – PAHAN – 541-12-16-ADV: Infection prevention and control considerations for healthcare personnel with signs and symptoms following COVID-19 vaccination
    • Communicate the number of DSPs and locations needing vaccine to the vaccine provider.
    • Coordinate with the vaccine provider for the efficient vaccination of DSPs at all locations.
    • Mark the date and time of vaccination, and ensure that DSPs are scheduled to receive their second dose. This second dose is 3 weeks later for the Pfizer vaccine and 4 weeks later for the Moderna vaccine. 
    • Follow processes and procedures required by the vaccine provider.