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Vaccine Facts: A Resource for Supporters

A vial reading COVID-19 Vaccine sits on a red table with a blue backdropHealth Risk Screening has released a one-sheet resource that easily outlines information about the COVID-19 vaccine for people with disabilities. The sheet is designed as a tool for supporters and caregivers to use to explain the COVID-19 vaccine administration to individuals with disabilities, however, the sheet, which is designed as an FAQ document, can help answer questions for anyone. Some questions answered include:

  • Should someone who’s had COVID-19 take the vaccine?

  • Can someone get COVID-19 from taking the vaccine?
  • Does the vaccine change a person’s DNA?
  • Can a person stop wearing PPE or a mask after they are vaccinated?
  • Do we still have to socially distance after being vaccinated?

The document also breaks down the purpose of vaccines, and the possible side effects of the current COVID-19 vaccines. View and download the document here.