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" "#DisabilityCounts2020 is an online campaign to spread awareness as to the importance of being counted in the 2020 United States Census. For people with disabilities, services provided by state and federal government can mean the difference between receiving needed supports and not.  Federal programs such as Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and the Supplemental Nutritional Allowance Program (SNAP) are among some of the services affected by Census data. Census data determines how much federal aid is distributed to each community segment and for what purpose. Services and supports can be more specifically tailored to each individual community and group based on the Census data that is gathered. Not being counted can result in the loss of services and supports that allow individuals to live an everyday life. Disability Rights Pennsylvania is working to assist disabled Pennsylvanians in making sure they respond to the census questions accurately so that an accurate count can be determined and the services and supports they need are not negatively impacted.

Census Day is April 1, 2020. Ninety-Five percent of people will receive their Census invitations through the mail between March 10 – March 20, 2020. The Census questionnaire may be completed by mail, by phone or online. You may complete the form on your own or with the assistance of someone you trust. Those who do not receive an invitation in the mail will be contacted in person by a Census Worker. Reminders will be sent between March 16-20, 2020; March 26-April 3, 2020; April 8-16; and a final reminder April 20-27. If the Census form has not been submitted by the dates of the last reminder period (April 20-April 27), the Census Bureau will follow up in person. Make time to complete your Census Questionnaire and make sure you are counted!

Posted: February 20, 2020 15:02