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Western PA HCQU Commonly Prescribed Medications The focus of this training is to provide basic information about some commonly prescribed medications, including side effects, drug interactions, and the risks of polypharmacy. 1.5
Western PA HCQU Fire Safety: Know What to Do This is a general Fire Safety course designed to help you to better understand fire prevention, identify fire hazards, and know what to do in the event of a fire. 2.5
Western PA HCQU Infection Control This course will give you a basic understanding of Infection Control, including identifying infectious fluids and resistant bacteria, prevention of contamination, and proper hand washing and gloving techniques. 2.5
Western PA HCQU Potential Health Consequences of Psychotropic Medications This course will address five of the most common serious side-effects of psychotropic medications, including Agranulocytosis, Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome (NMS), Tardive Dyskinesia (TD), Akathisia, and Serotonin Syndrome. 2.5
Western PA HCQU Promoting Skin Integrity and Preventing Skin Breakdown The focus of this training is on maintaining healthy skin and preventing skin breakdown, specifically pressure sores. Tips are included for supporting individuals with an intellectual/developmental disability (IDD) who are at risk for or have developed pressure sores. 1
Western PA HCQU Reading Nutrition Labels This training will help increase your knowledge of how to read a nutrition label and understand how this information relates to a person’s diet and health. 1
Western PA HCQU Seizures 101 This course addresses basic information about seizures including causes, symptoms, risk factors and treatment. Information in this course will also provide strategies to help support a person with a seizure disorder. 2