| Tuesday, August 29, 2017 |
Global event

DHS Electronic Enrollment and Qualification Training for ODP Providers

9:30 AM » 11:30 AM

Target Audience: All ID Providers, including SCOs

Description: The webinar will include a discussion of the DHS Electronic Provider Enrollment User Interface to: 

  • Facilitate more effective and efficient measures for enrolling new providers as well as revalidation and reactivation 
  • Allow providers to complete their enrollment online 
  • Perform systematic checks to determine the provider’s compliance with the ACA Provider Screening and Enrollment regulations. 
  • New application – brand new provider never enrolled with PA Medicaid 
  • Revalidation application – provider currently enrolled with PA Medicaid 
  • Reactivation application – provider re-enrolling with PA Medicaid 

We will also focus on some of the major steps in the enrollment process including a review of the DP 1059 form, how to add services in HCSIS and how to navigate the new Provider Self Service (PSS) screen. 

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Global event

BAS Virtual Targeted Training: Transitioning from Hospital to Home

1:00 PM » 2:00 PM

Target Audience: All Providers , including AAW, ACAP, Consolidated, P/FDS

Description: What happens when you are supporting an individual and they go into the hospital for psychiatric reasons? How can you help with the planning process as they transition home? This training will focus on ways to support individuals with autism during the transition from hospital to home

More Information/To Participate: BAW17-23 July-August 2017 Schedule of Virtual Trainings for AAW & ACAP Providers & New Training Access Procedures