| Thursday, August 24, 2017 |
Global event

BAS Virtual Targeted Training: Working Toward Achieving a Person Centered Culture

1:00 PM » 2:00 PM

Target Audience: All Providers, Including AAW, ACAP, Consolidated, P/FDS

Description: A vital element of our work supporting individuals living with autism is the use of a person-centered approach to supports and services. In addition to using a person-centered approach to planning on a participant level (person centered planning), we need to work towards the ultimate goal of establishing a culture of person centered thinking. During this VTT we will explore both these concepts and how we can work towards promoting a person centered culture in order to assure positive outcomes for all.

More Information/To Participate: BAW17-23 July-August 2017 Schedule of Virtual Trainings for AAW & ACAP Providers & New Training Access Procedures