| Thursday, March 15, 2018 |
Global event

BAS VTT: Application of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)

1:00 PM » 2:00 PM

Target Audience: All providers in any system who teach skills

Description: Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) involves several principles for teaching skills to all individuals, not just for those diagnosed with Autism. This training will put a new spin on the principles of ABA to show how it is applicable to everyday things we do from a practical perspective. Using these techniques can then be generalized to the supports we provide to individuals in our programs.

More Information/To Participate: BAW18-02 Announcement : Winter 2018 Schedule of Virtual Trainings Presented by the BAS Clinical Team

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Global event

ODP Quality Management Certification Classes in West Chester

Wednesday, March 14, 9:00 AM » 4:00 PM

Target Audience: ODP Staff, Administrative Entities, Counties,
Supports Coordination Organizations, Providers, and Health Care Quality Units

Description: The ODP QM Certification Program was developed in response to the need to enhance QM knowledge and skills of ODP staff and stakeholders throughout the service delivery system. With the publication of Everyday Lives: Values in Action 2016, CMS’s Final Rule, the approved Consolidated and P/FDS waiver renewals in July 2017 and renewed emphasis on person-centeredness and outcome achievement, ODP recognizes that providing opportunities for staff to join together to become ODP QM Certified will improve our system’s expertise and capacity to move forward in partnership and collaboration.

More Information/To Participate: 001-18: ODP Opens Application for Spring 2018 ODP Quality Management (QM) Certification Classes

Application Deadline: 2/16/18