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Priority Skills Right Now

A woman in a wheelchair prepares morning coffee

As we struggle to maintain the balance between health and safety and maintaining skills, supporters and individuals may be struggling to determine priorities. 

There is certainly a need to consider all of it to get through today and think about tomorrow, but we offer a list priorities for your consideration (in no particular order) as you schedule your support time with individuals:

  1. stay home, and practice proper hygiene
  2. maintain social distance
  3. maintain/improve self-care practices
  4. promote positive mental health
  5. develop a routine/structure and when possible continue to do "normal" activities 

We have linked some previous emails and posts to each of the topics above. We hope the resources attached are helpful in both communicating this information to others and providing strategies to reinforce these priorities with the individuals you support.

Are there other strategies or recommendations that have been effective for the participants you support? If so, let us know! Please send any suggestions or questions related to this email or requests for additional resources to