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Communicating Important Information

Two speech bubbles on a pink backgroundSome supporters are struggling to communicate the necessary information to the individuals they support right now who may have communication or cognitive differences.  The challenge is to identify how the individual best receives information, as well as, how they communicate an understanding of that information. 

Here are some questions to consider when identifying resources to share: 

  • What information is important to communicate to the individuals I support?
  • What is available already that would be understood by the individual and what would need to be modified?
  • How can I confirm the individual's understanding?

To assist, ODP has developed a webinar and Tool Kit for Communication and COVID-19 for providers available here.

Additionally, below are some resources to share and use as you navigate communicating information:

    1. COVID-19 Accessible Guide
    2. COVID-19 Information By and For People with Disabilities
    3. How To Talk About COVID-19 With People Who Have Autism
    4. ACL Guide to Coronavirus Disease 2019   
    5. What is the Coronavirus Illustrated Guide       

Are there other strategies or recommendations that have been effective for the participants you support? If so, let us know! Please send any suggestions or  questions related to this email or requests for additional resources to