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Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation Loans

PATF logoThe pandemic has had a huge impact on the way many people are using and relying on technology. If you have new assistive technology needs, whether for telehealth, working or learning remotely, connecting with family and friends, or otherwise, the Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation can help. PATF loans are available separately from ODP waiver services and do not impact a participant's waiver status.
PATF serves Pennsylvanians of:
  • All Ages
  • All Income Levels
  • All Disabilities/Health Conditions
PATF loan programs have:
  • No fees
  • Low or no interest, depending on the loan amount
  • Flexible terms based on the life of the device
PATF will work with you to make your loan as affordable as possible and will always provide information about other possible funding resources that can lower the cost of your loan.