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Guide to Transition: Something For Everyone

An animated illustration of four people smiling as though they are taking a selfieThe Self-Advocate Transition Guide for community re-entry was released last week. With this release, there are now three available transition guides all intended for different audiences.  Below we will give a brief overview of each guide and their intended uses as individuals, families, and teams think about re-integration into the community. 

Self-Advocate Transition Guide

This guide can assist individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities and/or autism in developing their own self-directed path back into the community during Pennsylvania's yellow and green phases of the commonwealth's COVID-19 response that individuals can share with their teams and important others in their lives. 

The Self-Advocate Transition Guide can support individual decision-making around how to safely return to activities in the community while prioritizing physical and mental health and social distancing practices. It also offers guidance on changes to routine and provides helpful links and resources.

ODP's Individual Transition Guide

This guide includes probing questions within core areas, as well as additional resources that could incite discussion on important transition areas for all team members. Pay attention to these, as they may help the team support the individual to transition to desired settings. Much like the SC wellness check-in tool, the SC should utilize The Individual Transition Guide to drive the conversation. 

Family and Caregiver Guides

The family and caregiver guides have two components:

Your Roadmap Back into the Community

The guide can assist family members and caretakers in assessing critical community re-entry criteria for individuals. Your Roadmap Back into the Community acts as a guide to supplements a similar transition guide that supports coordinators and counties use to assess community transition readiness. Families may use this guide to prepare for community re-entry and SC assessments.

Resource Guide to Community Readiness

The Resource Guide to Community Readiness is designed to provide resources and to help plan a path forward for families and caregivers as you consider the many different ways in which lives have been impacted as a result of COVID-19. Information within the guide can be used to help plan for services and supports that may be needed, and inform discussions with supports coordinators, service providers and support staff.

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