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Small Business Toolkit for Retention of Employees with Disabilities

Four employees wearing protective gear in a warehouse. Photo by pexels user ELEVATE. Used courtesy of Northeast ADA Center has developed a toolkit designed for employers looking to hire and retain staff with disabilities. The Northeast ADA Center provides information, guidance, and training on the implementation of all aspects of the Americans with Disabilities Act whose staff consists of individuals with and without disabilities who have extensive experience in the disability field.

The toolkit provides curated information and essential resources about how small businesses can successfully hire and retain employees with disabilities. You’ll find easy-to-understand, practical advice, along with expert guidance on following Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The toolkit features eight topics including:

  • How disability inclusion benefits a business
  • What Is Disability?
  • Productivity
  • Why workplace inclusion matters
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in a small business
  • Recruiting and hiring people with disabilities
  • A simple step-by-step process
  • Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic