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Supporting Medically Complex Children

A stethoscope resting on a daily planner. Photo by Pexels user Pixabay. Used courtesy of Pexels.comCOVID-19 has been tough for everyone, but for families with medically complex children, COVID-19 can be especially scary. Most families of children who are medically fragile are isolating and sheltering-in-place and most of these children have not yet been exposed to COVID-19 so there is limited evidence of how COVID-19 is presenting in children who are medically fragile or complex, thus far.  Even with these limitations, there are still ways to prepare for those with medical complexities. Here are  Ten COVID-19 Preparations To Do RIGHT NOW for Medically Complex Families.

There are resources captured in the above link that may be applicable to anyone you support that may have medical needs. 

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