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The Art & Science of Support

Five incandescent bulbs hanging and swinging like newton's cradle. Photo by pexels user Rodolfo Clix. Used courtesy of Now, more than ever, the balance of using tools from science (like Applied Behavior Analysis and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and tools that come from the artistic side of support (like hanging in there and learning to listen) is critical to appreciate others' experiences as we navigate new ways of providing services and supports. In an effort to emphasize the need to find this equilibrium and bring both the art and science to what you do every day, we wanted to highlight Positive Approaches Journal Volume 8, Issue 1, the Art and Science of Support. In case you missed this issue, its a collection from esteemed professionals from Pennsylvania who provide their perspectives and experiences on both the art and science for consideration as we support people with autism, intellectual disabilities, other developmental disabilities, and mental illness. 

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