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More Resources re: Supporting Mask Wearing

A woman putting on a face mask. Photo by pexels user Polina Tankilevich. Used courtesy of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHO)P has recently released updated information about mask-wearing targeted towards children with autism and their families. While we acknowledge that some individuals on the autism spectrum may not tolerate mask wearing for a variety of reasons, these strategies may help to promote mask wearing for any individual who may not tolerate mask-wearing and would benefit from a more tailored approach to build this skill.  While many of the strategies are appropriate to adapt for individuals of all ages and disabilities, the information presented is targeted towards children, and some of the strategies, such as using rewards, or using stuffed animals to teach mask-wearing would not be appropriate when modifying these strategies for adults. Always consider the needs of the person you support when vetting resources like these to adapt and use as part of your treatment and intervention.

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