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DHS Announces MMIS Platform Project Website is now Live

The PA DHS logoThe Pennsylvania Department of Human Services announced Thursday the Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) 2020 Platform Project website is now live. DHS is seeking to replace the previous Medicare/Medicaid back-office billing system PROMISe with MMIS - a new modular system that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services believes will reduce cost, risk, and complexity of projects.

DHS has published a new website for that describes the project and its timeline. Specifically, the project FAQ offers the following guidance:

What is the MMIS 2020 Platform Project?

  • With the Medicaid Management Information Systems (MMIS) 2020 Platform Project, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania seeks to build a web-based, modular system to modernize business processes and supporting systems to better deliver Medical Assistance benefits to its citizens. 
  • The new MMIS 2020 Platform is replacing the Provider Reimbursement and Operations Management Information System (PROMISe™) in order to better serve the needs of our ever-changing Medical Assistance Program and support the diverse needs of the almost three million individuals enrolled in the Department of Human Services’ (DHS) programs.


What are the benefits of the MMIS 2020 Platform?

  • The MMIS 2020 Platform offers providers and partners an easier-to-use system supporting better outcomes for commonwealth beneficiaries. 
  • Streamlines processes across multiple areas like prior authorizations, encounters, claims, and payments, the MMIS 2020 Platform reduces administrative burden and empowers providers and partners with self-service features. 
  • The new system is also flexible and easy-to-update, which allows DHS to better respond to federal and commonwealth policy changes and mandates. These technical and operational improvements will help DHS to provide timely, accurate, and complete outcomes to improve the lives of Pennsylvanians.


Who will use the new MMIS 2020 Platform?

  • The primary users of the MMIS 2020 Platform will be similar to those who use the PROMISeTM system today, namely providers, partners (e.g., MCOs), and commonwealth employees.


Why is PROMISeTM being replaced?

  • The way Medical Assistance benefits are delivered and managed has evolved over time, and so too should the business processes and technology supporting it. DHS partners with thousands of providers, managed care organizations, and other healthcare organizations providing direct care for beneficiaries. Improving DHS’ processes and technology will improve these organizations’ ability to provide care. 
  • In fact, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has created incentives for states to modernize their systems over the next few years to be more efficient and effective. By replacing the PROMISeTM system with the MMIS 2020 Platform, DHS will receive funding to invest in our Medical Assistance programs, while simultaneously creating an easy-to-update system. 


Within the new MMIS 2020 website, you will find the following pages which contain topic-specific information related to the project: 


  • About MMIS – Overview of the MMIS 2020 Platform Project
  • Our Team – Information about the MMIS 2020 employees and contractors, such as the ITC/QA, SI/DH, and EDI contractors
  • Key Dates – MMIS 2020 Procurement Dates
  • News – Recent MMIS 2020 Platform news and events, such as Release A updates 
  • Development – Information detailing the process of developing a replacement MMIS
  • Managing Change – Information on Organization Change Management 
  • MMIS FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about the MMIS 2020 Platform Project
  • Contact MMIS – Contact information for general MMIS questions/inquiries, procurement questions, and website/technical issues 

Stakeholders are encouraged to explore this new website.