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Believe in Me: Insights of a Nonspeaking College-Bound Autistic Student  

College students with backpacks walking on campus away from the camera. Photo by pexels user Stanley Morales. Used Courtesy of we wanted to share an important perspective from a self-advocate as a reminder of neurodiversity. In this article, Rachel Kripke-Ludwig describes her experience going through school as a nonspeaking autistic person, while reframing expectations for herself and the expectations of others about what she could do with her future.  

She sums it up in a powerful closing statement… 

“The missing ingredients were not found in training manuals or pharmacies. It was persistent fearless people who believed I could learn who saved me from boredom and failure. It took 5 years, but because of them, I am no longer a simple forest composter. I am a bright yellow Banana Slug, a symbol of the value of all creatures”  

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