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Support While Receiving Medical Treatment During COVID-19

The Disability Rights PA banner featuring those words, an keystone icon containing the letters DRP. The backdrop is the PA capital building under a blue filterDisability Rights Pennsylvania has an excellent resource that reviews the rights of patients with disabilities and their application during COVID-19. The attached document answers the following important questions:  

  • Do federal disability civil rights laws apply to hospitals/medical providers during COVID-19?
  • Does it violate the law for a hospital/medical provider to prohibit a patient with disabilities from having a support person or interpreter?
  • Must the hospital/medical provider allow a sign language or other professional interpreter or qualified reader if necessary, for the patient to understand and communicate with medical providers?
  • Must the hospital / medical provider allow a parent, advocate, or other supporter for a patient with cognitive or mental health disability? 
  • Must a hospital allow the patient’s personal care assistant to be present?
  • Can the hospital/medical provider place restrictions on visitors when the ADA, RA and ACA allow them?
  • What should I do to help a person with a disability who is denied a supporter or communicator?

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