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Staying Safe this Holiday Weekend

Infograph containing: Hosting a BBQ? When Guests arrive, Smile and wave; don't hug or shake hands and provide masks or ask guest to bring theirs. By the grill, limit people in food preparation areas, assign individuals to prepare or service food, utensils, or condiments, clean and disinfect touched surfaces. At the tables, spread out tables and chairs, take turns visiting the food table, indicate hand washing or sanitizing areas, wash your hands before eating or handling food.Having close family and friends over for a small BBQ this Labor Day? You can still have a great time while observing appropriate social distancing and safety guidelines. Small actions like waving instead of hugging and providing sanitizing areas make a big difference.

There are also resources for social gatherings and summer activities from AIDinPA that we have covered in previous emails: 

Have a wonderful and safe Labor Day!  

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