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PATC: Innovate - Day 3 Wrap up

An illustration of a lightbulb with the text PATC: InnovateThank you to all who attended the 13th Annual Pennsylvania Autism Training Conference - PATC: Innovate. The ODP team is committed to providing pertinent practice information to assist professionals and individuals now more than ever. We hope that the three-day virtual conference offered you inspiring and thought-provoking information that you can effectively utilize as we continue to navigate these difficult times. Bureau of Supports for Autism and Special Populations Clinical Director, Dr. Stacy Nonnemacher offers her sentiments looking back and looking ahead:     

"As we close the 13th Annual Pennsylvania Autism Training Conference (PATC), I am reflecting on the importance of innovation during this tumultuous time and beyond. Our field is ever-evolving in what we know about policy, best practices, and the people we support; therefore, I feel strongly that we also have a responsibility to evolve and grow. This requires creativity, questioning the status quo, having the humility to see other points of view, listening to the people we serve to understand how their stories inform what we do, and a good, old fashioned thinking outside that cardboard box.

Over these past three days, I have been inspired by people's innovation, I have been moved by people's stories, and I have been proud of the work we are doing here in Pennsylvania for people with disabilities. During this pandemic, I think we can take our collective experience and strive for Post Traumatic Growth where resilience prevails and innovation flourishes. I challenge you all to take what we learned about ourselves and the people we support during this time and use those skills to find better ways by putting those ideas and that fire in your belly into action."

2020 PATC content, including personal stories and videos from individuals with ASD and presentation materials, can be found here.