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COVID Fatigue: Maintaining Mental Health During a Global Pandemic

A woman sits tired and slumped at a computer sitting on a dining room table as her children run around in the background. Photo by pexels user Ketut Subiyanto. Used courtesy of has released a new video on COVID Fatigue: Maintaining Mental Health During a Global Pandemic. This video provides tips and tools for how to manage the mental health stresses that come along with a global pandemic. There is also a pdf Video Overview that includes additional resources to support positive emotional health.

The takeaways include:

  • Acknowledging that stress can have a negative impact on our bodies and mind.
  • Finding ways such as exercise, talking, mindfulness and other techniques to help you manage the ongoing stressors of the pandemic.
  • Staying vigilant with social distancing, wearing a mask and maintaining hand hygiene to stay healthy.

Review this video as a reminder for yourself or share with someone you support! 

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