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PA Department of Health COVID-19 Vaccine Information

The PA department of Health logo with that text and a keystone image.The Pennsylvania Department of Health recently published its new COVID-19 Vaccine Information page. This FAQ page reviews Pennslyvania's role in distributing the newly approved FDA Pfizer and Moderna emergency use authorization (EUA) COVID-19 vaccines including details on the three-phase system.

The page also reviews questions such as:

  • Why should I get the COVID-19 Vaccine?
  • How much of the Vaccine is available?
  • Who will receive the vaccine first in Pennsylvania once it's available?
  • What does "limited supply" mean?
  • Will the vaccine be mandatory?
  • Does getting the vaccine make you immune to COVID-19?
  • Can my kids get the vaccine?
  • How long will the vaccine take to distribute?

And more. Read up on Pennsylvania's COVID-19 vaccine plan here.