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Resilience Project Resources  

A teenage boy sits on a couch facing a therapist listening to him talk in the foreground. Used courtesy of pexels.comAs we continue to promote the importance of resiliency during COVID-19 and beyond, we wanted to share another wonderful resource to support the work you do. The Resilience Project has a comprehensive guide available for supporters interested in new and different ways to support people with trauma histories. 

A Companion Guide to Growing Resilience focuses on supports based on the top 5 Resilience Factors:

  1. Positive connections with safe adults
  2. A sense of belonging with local groups
  3. An external support system such as friends, faith, spiritual practice, or pet
  4. Self-Esteem, self-worth, self-compassion – feeling good about myself
  5. Voice, choice, and control regarding big and small things in life

Adapting and/or bouncing back during times of adversity is so important for you and the people you support!

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