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A Reminder About Resilience

The word 'RESILIENCE' in wood letters on a paper background painted with blue watercolor. Photo used courtesy of Over the past year, we have focused efforts on highlighting the concept of resilience. Resilience is an individual’s ability to positively cope with stress and adversity – bouncing back to a previous state of normal functioning or using the experience of adversity to enhance flexibility and overall functioning. 

Resilient people have characteristics such as: 

  • having a positive, realistic outlook 
  • having a moral compass 
  • being altruistic
  • having a support system
  • having a belief in something greater than themselves
  • looking for meaningful opportunities within difficult situations

As COVID-19 rates continue to decrease and we are beginning to transition to more in-person activities and social gatherings we thought it would be helpful to share another resource on the topic to help support resiliency building with the individuals you support.

Cornell Health has a Building Resilience guide on their webpage that includes a helpful framing of the multi-dimensional aspects of Resilience as well as some handy visual tools like the Resilience Pyramid. 

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