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Resource Collection for Supports Coordination Organizations and the People they Support

Icon reading "Transition and Reintegration Tools"The changing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted how and when we return to the activities we enjoy. Over the course of the pandemic, the Office of Developmental Programs has developed several resources to help people with disabilities and their families to use while they consider resuming parts of their life suspended due to COVID-19. This collection brings those resources together in one place!

This collection of resources include:

  • Guides for Supports Coordinators to talk with the people about preparing for re-integration and to generally ensure positive well-being. 
  • Guides for self-advocates and family/caregivers to help think about and share thoughts around re-integration.
  • Videos that capture examples of varied discussions that Supports Coordinators and teams may have with individuals and families during times of transition.
  • Recorded webinars that discuss well-being check-ins and transition discussions.  

    Access this collection using the following link: Transition and Reintegration Tools MyODP Page