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PATC: Day Three Retrospective

Logo - PATC IntegrateThe 2021 Pennsylvania Autism Training Conference (PATC) has come and gone and what a great experience it was!  Thank you to everyone who attended, to our panelists and speakers, to those who shared their personal stories and artwork, and to the whole team behind the scenes.

If you didn’t get to attend, we strongly recommend you check out the Virtual Art Gallery, the Personal Stories 2021, and all the other resources on the PATC page on 

As we wrap up another year, we have a challenge for you...

If you attended or took some time to look through the resources, set a goal to implement one thing related to something you learned or something that resonated with you. Set that goal with a timeline and find ways to hold yourself accountable to see that goal to implementation. 

For example, if you are neurotypical, you may work on developing Attunement using Ted Brodkin’s presentation as a guide OR maybe you will work to address some Barriers in Teaming and improve the quality of the teams you are a part of OR maybe you will work on becoming an Expert Companion as Richard Tedeschi described in his opening keynote.  

And we know there are a few of you wondering, so in case you missed it here are the Instructions for Accessing PATC 2021 Certificates.

Please send any suggestions or questions related to this article or requests for additional resources to