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The MyODP Podcast is the latest form of outreach and capacity building from ODP. It consists of an audio series on a dedicated topic with a targeted audience in mind. Each podcast in our first series, A Supporter's Toolbox, has a duration of 7-10 minutes and focuses on getting tools to Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) and other supporters.  Each episode will be informative and personally and professionally engaging. Capitalizing on the micro-learning concept in adult learning best practices, this first series will offer information in a short and readily digital format.


Supporter's ToolboxA Supporter's Toolbox

Dr. Stacy Nonnemacher translates what we know about natural human experiences and the world of behavioral science into strategies, tips and interventions for supporters. Families, direct support professionals and other supporters are encouraged to follow this podcast to gain additional tools to use tomorrow and beyond as you strive to provide the best supports to people with disabilities.

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MyODP Podcast Episodes

MyODP Supporter's Toolbox Podcast LogoMore Choice Equals More Happiness, Right?

We have already talked about the importance of supporting someone to find their purpose or meaning. Taking it a step further, we will talk about how to help people develop what sparked their interest and to continue to support nurturing and deepening of that passion.   

MyODP Supporter's Toolbox Podcast LogoWhat Do You Expect?

Greek mythology and psychology urges us to think about how our expectations of others influence how they show up in this world. We will talk about how our values and thoughts guide our actions and ultimately the support we provide.  

MyODP Supporter's Toolbox Podcast LogoGuest Series with Jordan Hollander- Becoming More Flexible

This is the third episode in a three-part series with our first guest, Jordan Hollander. This episode focuses on wrapping up the previous two podcasts on the concepts of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) by exploring more about how and what we think impacting how effective we are as supporters. We review the six core skills of Psychological Flexibility that we can all practice in becoming more flexible people and supporters.

MyODP Supporter's Toolbox Podcast LogoGuest Series with Jordan Hollander- Its the Journey and Not Just the Destination

This is the second episode in a three-part series with our first guest, Jordan Hollander. Sometimes we focus too much on supporting someone to simply create goals and tend to ignore what drives those goals. We continue our conversation from the previous episode focusing this time on distinguishing values and goals and their role in creating a meaningful life.

MyODP Supporter's Toolbox Podcast LogoGuest Series with Jordan Hollander- A Few Thoughts About Thoughts

This is the first episode in a three-part series with our first guest, Jordan Hollander. As supporters, one of our primary objectives is to ensure the person we support is happy and feels good, right? Jordan joins us to talk about his thoughts on the broader definition of happiness and how thoughts can sometimes be a barrier to achieving a more meaningful life.

MyODP Supporter's Toolbox Podcast LogoA Supporter’s Playbook For Skill Building

We know that consistent, planned support is important to skill development and for working on goals. We will talk about a tool that can help supporters weave their support into someone's day and activities.

MyODP Supporter's Toolbox Podcast LogoRepeat After Me: We Support Lifelong Learners

Have you ever made assumptions about what the person you support can and cannot do? Sometimes our brain takes shortcuts that lead to unintentional bias towards others, including the person you support. We will talk about ways that you can shift even unconscious bias and always view the person you support as a lifelong leaner.

MyODP Supporter's Toolbox Podcast LogoA Moment of Choice: Give Me A Break!

We all have a choice in how we react to something that isn't working for us. So too for the people we support. But, do they have the skills to react in a way that is productive? We will talk about those skills and how you can help someone cope with situations that may not be working for them.

MyODP Supporter's Toolbox Podcast LogoCheck Yourself: Supporting Someone to Make Informed Choices & Decisions

Choices and decisions made by the person you support - what's in it for you? We are going to talk about checking yourself in how you support someone to make these choices and decisions when they may impact you, as a supporter.

MyODP Supporter's Toolbox Podcast LogoTakes More Than Willpower & Coaxing: Developing New Habits

Can you simply coax or convince people to change their habits and behaviors? Sure, but not when you are looking to create behaviors and habits that will stick around for the long run. We will talk about ways that we can support people to create new, healthy habits -- ones that become as automated as driving a car.