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The MyODP Podcast is the latest form of outreach and capacity building from ODP. It consists of an audio series on a dedicated topic with a targeted audience in mind. Each podcast in our first series, A Supporter's Toolbox, has a duration of 7-10 minutes and focuses on getting tools to Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) and other supporters.  Each episode will be informative and personally and professionally engaging. Capitalizing on the micro-learning concept in adult learning best practices, this first series will offer information in a short and readily digital format.


Supporter's ToolboxA Supporter's Toolbox

Dr. Stacy Nonnemacher translates what we know about natural human experiences and the world of behavioral science into strategies, tips and interventions for supporters. Families, direct support professionals and other supporters are encouraged to follow this podcast to gain additional tools to use tomorrow and beyond as you strive to provide the best supports to people with disabilities.

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MyODP Podcast Episodes

MyODP Supporter's Toolbox Podcast LogoMore Thank IQ

Most of us think that IQ is the primary predictor of success, but researchers and real life experience tells us that practical intelligence may be just as or more important. We will talk about ways to bolster practical intelligence.

MyODP Supporter's Toolbox Podcast LogoAre You Thriving or Just Surviving?

Thriving is not about avoiding the difficulties of life – it’s about confronting and dealing with life in a resilient, optimistic, and hopeful way. We will talk about ways to help someone develop the attitude, characteristics, and potential to thrive despite circumstances that may be thrown their way.

MyODP Supporter's Toolbox Podcast LogoThinking of Others

Working on prosocial behaviors like helping, sharing, comforting, and cooperating, have so many benefits. We will talk about ways you can help someone hone their prosocial behaviors – simple things that you may already be doing to teach someone to do their laundry or cook a meal.

MyODP Supporter's Toolbox Podcast LogoA Life Worth Living

Having meaning or purpose in life is connected to overall health, happiness, and life satisfaction - it can make ANY life worth living. We will talk about ways to support someone to discover their meaning to make even those bad days more bearable.

MyODP Supporter's Toolbox Podcast LogoTry One Hard Thing

Did you know that doing hard things helps us learn to do other hard things? We will talk about building industrious skills and the effects that these skills show in people when doing hard things now and in the future.

MyODP Supporter's Toolbox Podcast LogoDon’t Break the Chain: A Strategy to Beat Procrastination

Sometimes we all need a little nudge to get things done and stay on track. We will talk about a simple strategy that you can use for yourself and support others that is all about not “breaking the chain.”

MyODP Supporter's Toolbox Podcast LogoFinding the Spark

Finding your spark or something that drives you, teaches you how to learn, builds a sense of self, and finds places where you feel successful. As supporters, its part of our role to help someone find that spark – we will talk about ways to do that.

MyODP Supporter's Toolbox Podcast LogoGot Skills?

If we don’t have the skills to engage in places we live, work, or play, we won’t want to show up because we don’t feel successful or we try our hardest to show up in the best way we know how despite not having the skills or tools. We will talk about ways to support someone to learn skills like social skills and coping skills so people feel more successful, included, and motivated.

MyODP Supporter's Toolbox Podcast LogoChanging Our Identity

Our sense of self is often shaped for us when we are young. But, the good news is we can change and shape our identities giving us purpose and meaning in our lives.

MyODP Supporter's Toolbox Podcast LogoQuality of Life: Do Something About It

We throw the words "quality of life" around a lot in our field. We will talk about putting those words, or this concept, into action through small everyday changes and through understanding happiness behaviors.