Functional Behavior Assessment

This section is only available to professionals who need to complete the FBA training required post-test and/or are interested in applying to become a  FBA Trainer. To access either of these courses, an individual must have already completed the face-to-face 13-hour Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) training with a trainer using the FBA Facilitated DVD Training curriculum.

This training focuses on assessment and replacement of challenging behaviors using a Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA), as well as the development of a treatment or behavior support plan that can be used across settings.


12/5/2016 - The FBA Trainer Virtual Workshop course has been updated and renamed to FBA Trainer Certification.  All individual course completion data from the former course has been maintained and is reflected in this new course. 


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This course includes:

  • FBA Trainer Certification: The application and required training to become a FBA Trainer

  • FBA Trainer Materials: FBA Trainer session materials

This section contains the required coursework and related information for professionals who are interested in becoming a FBA Trainer, and those who are already FBA Trainers.

This post-test is available for professionals who have already completed the live, face-to-face,13-hour Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) training, through an approved trainer using the FBA Facilitated DVD Training curriculum. Passing this post-test is a requirement in order to receive a certificate verifying that the FBA training has been completed.