Supports Coordinators

This page contains training and resources for Supports Coordinators (SCs) supporting individuals in ODP’s Intellectual Disability/Autism (ID/A) programs: Community Living Waiver, Consolidated Waiver, Person/Family Directed Support Waiver (P/FDS), and Targeted Support Management (TSM) as well as the Adult Autism Waiver (AAW) and the Adult Community Autism Program (ACAP). 

Required SC Orientation

As of 8/1/23 all new Supports Coordinators must complete the ODP Supports Coordination Orientation before working independently with an individual. The ODP required Orientation is designed to be delivered with the guidance of an SC supervisor/designee(s) to assist a new SC in understanding the broad structure of the system and their responsibilities.

Required SC Orientation Hub

Required 6100 Annual Training for All SCs

Community Participation Supports for SCs Webinar: August 2023

Webinar Recording

Handout with notes

Additional Required Trainings for AAW/ACAP SCs 

Periodic Risk Evaluation (PRE) Training

Goal Attainment Scaling (GAS) Training

Additional Resources for AAW/ACAP SCs

ODP Support Coordinators Resource page

AAW Support Coordinator Resources page

Additional Resources for ID/A SCs

Supports Coordination Organization Education Webinars

Remote Support Service HCSIS Guidance