This online training reviews person-centered tools that can be used in outcome development.   The skills developed in this webcast build a foundation that will be useful as you begin to learn more about outcomes.

Credit Hours: 1

This webcast is the first in a two-part series that focuses on the Outcome Summary part of the Outcome Section of the ISP.  ODP’s expectations for completing the Outcome Section of the ISP using person centered practices and roles and responsibilities of ISP team members are described.

Credit Hours: 2

This webcast is the second in a two-part series that focuses on the Outcome Actions part of the Outcome Section of the ISP.  Direction is provided on how to develop the Outcome Action section of the ISP to support the achievement of person centered outcome statements while meeting documentation requirements for the provision of publicly funded services.

Credit Hours: 2

This course provides a review of guidance and training on outcome development, an overview of current activities that support person-centered outcomes and outlines a process for self-review of outcome statements.

Credit Hours: 2

This course primarily focuses on identifying and understanding concerns related to the outcome statement. Learners will understand how thinking through concerns can provide a bridge for the individual and team to begin identifying necessary actions to support the individual in making his or her outcome statement a reality. The webcast includes information on sequence of outcome development, how concerns are identified and assessed, and provides several examples.

This training will focus on Job Assessments and the recommendations that result from this process. Through this discussion, we will explore specific responsibilities of the Job Assessors as well as roles other team members should play, in order to support the individual to help meet their desired job outcome.

Credit Hours: 1 hour