Participant Directed Services – provides an overview of Participant Directed (Self-Directed) Services that will help everyone to understand this service model and how it can work to support an Everyday Life.

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High level overview of the available service delivery models to support home and community-based services including financial management and participant directed services (PDS) and supports broker services.

Annual training icon Credit Hours: 1

This training content is offered by the Office of Developmental Programs to meet the Annual training requirements as outlined in the 55 PA Code 6100. Training content is specific to topical areas identified in the 55 PA Code 6100.  This is not training specific to the understanding and implementation of the 55 PA Code 6100. Using this training content is not required. Agencies may choose to provide agency-sponsored or agency-identified training that meets the Annual training requirements of the 55 PA Code 6100.

Overview of the Participant-Directed Services Calculation Tool for Vendor Fiscal/Employer Agent Financial Management Services including demonstrations and simulation practice.

Credit Hours: 1