Contact ODP Resource Accounts

ODP Resource Accounts are a way for The Office of Developmental Programs’ Stakeholders to interact with ODP Staff in order to receive answers to questions, important information or clarification.  The below emails may be used to initiate contact with the appropriate areas to assist you:

All Stakeholders:
General Inquiries/Questions/Complaints:    
The Office of Developmental Programs’ Customer Service Center can be accessed from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM on each business day.   The Customer Service Center responds to telephone and e-mail inquiries from individuals, family members, providers, and the general public regarding:
  • Provider Enrollment
  • Home and Community-Based Waiver Services
  • Complaints and expressions of dissatisfaction against providers or the Department
  • Questions about services for individuals with intellectual disabilities
  • General inquiries relating to the Office of Developmental Programs
General questions will be answered by the Customer Service team member, but questions relating to specific situations will be referred to the appropriate ODP regional office or subject matter expert. The caller will be contacted by the end of the next business day to obtain additional follow-up information.
or 1-888-565-9435
BAS General Inquiries
or 1-866-539-7689
Training and Communications:
Bureau of Autism Training Inquiries
ASERT Collaborative (Direct Communication with Outreach Specialists who provide support, training and resources)
or 1-877-231-4244
ODP Outreach (Requests to be added to distribution lists and ideas for MyODP Newsletter, Employment Initiatives, Community Participation Supports, and College of Direct Support)
Questions and Issues Relating to Everyday Lives Conferences

Providers/Supports Coordinators/Participants
Adult Autism Waiver Mailbox
(Questions on enrollment, training and billing)
Adult Autism Waiver Provider Support
(Technical Assistance and clinical support)
Adult Community Autism Program (ACAP)
(Inquires related to ACAP Program)
Rate and Fiscal Questions
Deaf Services (for individuals who are disabled and deaf or hearing impaired)
Questions relating to Behavioral Support Services
Questions relating to Supports Intensity Scale (SIS), and SISONLINE account unlock requests
Inquiries from Providers on developing profiles and from participants on using the profiles.

Quality Management
QM Certification, QM methodology and best practices, requests for technical assistance
Quality Assurance and Improvement (Please send questions to the appropriate Regional Coordinator and copy this resource account.) 

Incident Management
Functionality and improvements to Enterprise Incident Management System 
Incident Management Policy and Procedure Questions 

Individual Support Plan (ISP) and related processes

Questions about becoming an ODP Provider and Provider Applicant Orientation 
Provider Enrollment Applications or Processes 
Any questions or requests for clarification on the provider qualification application or process
Provider Agreements and Processes
Billing questions and denied claims resolution
For Providers to submit Claim Documentation

Supports Coordination Organizations (SCOs) and SCs and SC Supervisors
SCO initial and annual qualification applications and supplemental documentation and qualification process

Inquiries related to Department of Human Services Licensing