Opening the Door to Employment for People with DisabilitiesThe Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) is inviting leadership professionals of: Administrative Entities (AEs), Support Coordination Organizations (SCOs), Providers of Supported Employment Services and Day Habilitation, and Providers of Community Participation Support to attend a 1-day Employment Engagement Symposium. These Symposiums will be held regionally across the Commonwealth on April 25, May 4, and May 12, 2023 from 10am to 3pm with a boxed lunch provided.

Led by the Eastern Region, ASERT is working on a set of initiatives to support individuals with autism in finding and maintaining employment. Community Integrated Services (CIS) is one of the providers of employment support services assisting ASERT in this project. During this presentation, Susan Schonfeld, the Executive Director of CIS, will be outlining strategies for employment services and discussing the driving philosophy behind communities employment. She will describe effective person-centered employment planning and discovery strategies, and share examples of successful employment opportunities for people with ASD.

The session below was presented during the 8th Annual Pennsylvania Autism Training Conference (PATC 2015).

Annual training icon Credit Hours: 1.5

The PA Autism Needs Assessment found that more than two-thirds of adults with autism in Pennsylvania are unemployed, and of those who are employed, most work part-time. With the rapidly increasing number of adults with autism, it is critically important to think beyond volunteer work and supported employment, and explore competitive employment opportunities tailored to meet an individual’s goals. To do so requires creative consideration of funding streams and existing employment services. Through the presentation of case studies, attendees will learn about steps underway in the Commonwealth to develop an employment model designed to match a person’s interests, skills and motivations to competitive career opportunities within his/her community. The considerations shared during this session result from the employment model developed by the Eastern Region ASERT Collaborative.

The session below was presented during the 7th Annual Pennsylvania Autism Training Conference (PATC 2014). 

Credit Hours: 1

This session explores the customization of work using both wage and self-employment approaches. Discussion focuses on using non-comparative employment development strategies, harnessing the power of an economic development mindset, and using functional assessment (Discovery) with a focus on skills building as the cornerstone of creativity.

Credit Hours: 2

Providing employment services is more than just finding a job for the participants you support. It is also about building relationships with businesses while teaching them the benefits of hiring people with disabilities.  This training will explore how to broach these topics to provide optimal employment supports.

Credit Hours: 1 hour