Service Notes – describes both basic and in-depth information for Supports Coordinators on how to write organized, effective and complete Service Notes that meet ODP requirements for quality and billing.

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This webcast is for all Providers of Consolidated, Community Living, Person/Family Directed Support Waiver Services, and Targeted Services Management (TSM).The webcast will provide an overview of the intent and purpose of the Interim Technical Guidance for Claim and Service Documentation Bulletin, number 00-18-04, and the Attachment.

The webcast will describe the important relationship between claims submission and service documentation.  This will include describing the differences between Service Notes and Progress Notes.  The webcast will also discuss the benefits of reviewing your own documentation to help ensure practices are in compliance with current Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) policy and regulations.

How to write service notes that are organized, effective, and complete. Review how service notes are constructed step by step to organize content more efficiently, and make clear connections between the SC responsibilities and recording actions in service notes.

Credit Hours: 1

Provides more in-depth information about writing Service Notes to meet ODP requirements for quality and billing based on information collected through SCO Monitoring.  Explains the role, responsibility and process of the SC Supervisors to review Service Notes in order to meet the ODP standards.

View Service Notes - Part 1 before this webcast.

Credit Hours: 1