This section contains information about the Bureau of Autism Services (BAS) Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) training. 

The BAS Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) training is a 13-hour face-to-face training that is conducted in 2, 3 or 4 sessions, by a BAS-approved trainer.

The FBA training focuses on assessment and replacement of challenging behaviors using a Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA), as well as the development of a treatment or behavior support plan that can be used across settings.

This training is a requirement for:

  • Adult Autism Waiver (AAW) Behavioral Specialist Service providers
  • Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS) Behavior Specialists working with children and adolescents with autism  

This training also counts toward 13 of the 16 hours for the Autism Insurance Act (ACT 62) Behavior Specialist Licensure training requirements within the Assessment category. 

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This document contains the names of all individuals who completed the 13-hour face-to-face Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) training prior to December 2011, through the Bureau of Autism Services, the ASERT Collaborative, or a BAS-approved trainer. 

The individuals listed here have met the training requirement because they have either:

1. Completed the training and received a passing score on the required test; or

2. Completed the training prior to the test requirement being implemented in 2008, and are therefore grandfathered in.

Please Note: This information is current only through November 2011. For information about individuals who completed the FBA training after that date, please contact with FBA Training Results in the subject line.