Risk Mitigation

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This course provides links to four separate trainings available within MyODP and other websites. Where Certificates of Achievement are not provided by MyODP, documentation of the completion of these topics must be recorded in each agency's training records.

This training content is offered by the Office of Developmental Programs to meet the General Orientation training requirements as outlined in the 55 PA Code 6100. Training content is specific to topical areas identified in the 55 PA Code 6100. This is not training specific to the understanding and implementation of the 55 PA Code 6100. Using this training content is not required.  Agencies may choose to provide agency-sponsored or agency-identified training that meets the General Orientation training requirements of the 55 PA Code 6100.

Six-part training that provides tools and strategies for teams to use to recognize and record risk and to practice critical thinking skills in developing proactive person‐centered risk mitigation strategies to assure that risks are addressed. Instructor-led version of this training was offered to Supports Coordinators and SC Supervisors in October and November 2015.

Credit Hours: 3 hours

Key terms and strategies provide a foundation of risk, risk mitigation, and the SC’s role. 

Credit Hours: 1

Supplemental and clarifying information is provided on expectations for the process of implementing the Informational Packet, ODP Communication #053-12 and SC responsibilities. Tips and strategies to support SCs in talking about abuse with the people they support are also provided. Follow-up to the 2012 SC Required Training, Understanding Safety and Your Responsibilities.

Credit Hours: 1