Behavioral Specialist Services (BSS)

AAW Optional Trainings

This section contains supplemental Technical Assistance webinars conducted by the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP), Bureau of Supports for Autism and Special Populations (BSASP) for AAW.

These trainings are not required but do contain important guidance about expectations and service delivery that providers are responsible for understanding. 


  • Non- waiver or program specific trainings that are beneficial for the BS can also be located here.
  • The ODP Behavioral Support page can be located here. 



Description: After the BSP/CIP is completed and implemented, ongoing data should be collected to make instructional decisions. This training will follow a case study to analyze data, create monthly progress notes, and update the BSP/CIP as needed. General guidelines and information will also be shared regarding when and how instructional decisions should be made.

Credit Hours: 1

Description: This training will review the development and expectations of behavioral support and crisis intervention plans and also walk through entering plan information into the expected HCSIS format.

Credit Hours: 1 hour

Description: This one hour training is targeted to Behavioral Specialists and will explore data collection tools and the application of these tools across multiple services/providers. This training is appropriate for ACAP Behavioral Health Specialists and Team Leaders.

Annual training icon Credit Hours: 1

This training content is offered by the Office of Developmental Programs to meet the Annual training requirements as outlined in the 55 PA Code 6100. Training content is specific to topical areas identified in the 55 PA Code 6100.  This is not training specific to the understanding and implementation of the 55 PA Code 6100. Using this training content is not required. Agencies may choose to provide agency-sponsored or agency-identified training that meets the Annual training requirements of the 55 PA Code 6100

This training will review the questions and answers provided during the β€œIs this Restrictive?” VOH in May of 2019

This training provides an overview of the definition of a restrictive procedure, considerations for when a restrictive procedure may be appropriate, and the requirements for implementation.

This training will be a follow-up on the training: "Using Consult/Indirect Services to Improve Service Implementation Across the Support Team" to focus on specific methods and tools to assess and review team performance in order promote team cohesion and consistency.