Ethics Training (ET)

Required - 3 hours.

Training within this category emphasize moral values, practices, and decisions related to the professional field of behavior analysis (e.g., confidentiality, standards to ensure dignity, health, and safety).

Training in this section count toward the 3 hours of Professional Ethics training within the Act 62 Behavior Specialist License requirements.

Topics in this presentation include the definition and importance of ethics, considerations specific to the Commonwealth of PA, informed consent, confidentiality, and protecting the person's dignity, health and safety. During the live session, presented during the 2011 PA Autism Training Conference (PATC), participants discussed and reviewed ethical case studies.

In our personal and professional lives, decisions are made daily. Every decision, including what to wear, what to eat, what time to arrive at work, and whether to speed up at a yellow light or come to a stop, is driven by law, values, experience, and ethics. This training will explore several ethical philosophies as it relates to the decisions we make when supporting individuals in our programs.