Through the Lens of Autism: Exploring Priority Areas and Building Support for Everyday Challenges

TRAINING DESCRIPTION: Through research and experience we have learned that implementing the right tools can help us be better supporters for people on the autism spectrum. But what are those tools? How do you know what the needs are so you can begin to gather effective resources? This year’s ODP training needs survey asked you to share the top areas of need that people on the autism spectrum experience. As a response to the survey, this seminar will provide a deeper look into a variety of priority areas including communication, mental health, online safety, and family systems that impact everyday life. We will invite you to join in the conversation and share your experiences, successes, and resources.  Together we will expand our understanding of key challenges that people are facing and brainstorm multiple ways to provide effective and meaningful supports.

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Positive Behavioral Supports: Meaningful, Everyday Application

TRAINING DESCRIPTION: We are always looking for better ways to support someone to achieve the quality of life they desire. This requires a social, behavioral, and biological understanding of that person. Positive Behavioral Support (PBS) is an empirically documented, person-centered approach that can be used in day-to-day supports for all people across all systems. For those of you who are not familiar with PBS, we will provide an overview of this framework sharing examples and ways that this has been implemented. For those of you who have a general understanding of the essential elements of PBS, we will provide you with tools and ways to infuse PBS into your programs and supports to strengthen your focus on supporting a positive quality of life.

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When Disability and the Justice System Collide: A Proactive Approach

TRAINING DESCRIPTION: We often feel powerless when someone we support is engaged in the justice system. This feeling emphasizes the need for supporters to focus on ways to minimize those situations and behaviors that are unlawful. This seminar is intended for providers or any supporter in the disability system who is interested a) in understanding ways to reduce potential risk and b) in understanding the justice system focusing on the role of advocacy and intervention if an individual they support becomes involved in the criminal justice system.

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Getting Better at Behavioral Assessment and Treatment

TRAINING DESCRIPTION: Regardless of our role, we should all continuously strive to get "better" at supporting someone who may have behaviors that are challenging. This training will focus on ways that you can ensure, in your role, that the behavioral support you are providing is sound and appropriate. We will be offering two sessions across four locations that focus on the role you play in this process.

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AUDIENCE: AAW Supports Coordinators and SC Supervisors


2020 Adult Autism Waiver Supports Coordination Meeting UPDATE

In response to the concerns about the spread of COVID-19 and its impact on the delivery of services to individuals with autism, the originally planned webinars are being postponed at this time.   

In order to continue to offer relevant guidance regarding service delivery, Virtual Office Hours (VOH) for Supports Coordinators (SC) and SC Supervisors will be held on the same dates, but the times have been changed to 9am – 12pm.

Please note: Access to register for this seminar is limited to users with an Adult Autism Waiver (AAW) Supports Coordinators or Supports Coordination Supervisor role.