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Everyday Lives in Action: My Life, My Way

Employment/Meaningful Contribution: I want to work and/or have other ways to contribute to my community. My family, supporters, and community support me to find and keep a real job that I like with good wages and benefits or start and run my own business, and/or volunteer the way I want in my community.

Increase Employment 

Employment is a centerpiece of adulthood and must be available for every person. The benefits of employment for people with disabilities are significant and are the same as for people without disabilities.

Employment Is: 

• Feeling proud 

• Having self-confidence 

• Getting a paycheck 

• Meeting new people 

• Building new skills

• Paying taxes

Comprehensive Employment Report 

ODP is excited to share this data with our stakeholders and interagency partners. This exchange of information furthers ODP’s effort to be transparent regarding our standing as an ID/Autism system invested in helping individuals obtain and maintain competitive-integrated employment, and to inform policy development and program innovation in the months and years to come. 

View the 19-20 Comprehensive Employment Report

18-19 Comprehensive Employment Report


Executive Order 2016-03
Establishing "Employment First" Policy
- Recommendations
- Summary


Employment First Executive Order
2016-2017 Quarter 4 Updates
2017-2018 Quarter 1 Updates


House Bill 1641 - Codifys Executive Order 2016-03,
making "Employment First" a Pennsylvania Law


Press Release - June 19, 2018
Governor Wolf's Employment First Policy to Help
People with Disabilities Find Work Becomes Law


WIOA Fact Sheet and US Department of Labor Website

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