Positive Approaches Journal - Volume 2 Title

Positive Approaches Journal

Editorial Policy and Author Guidelines

Positive Approaches Journal Mission Statement:

“To improve lives by increasing capacity to provide supports and services to individuals with mental health and behavioral challenges, intellectual disabilities, autism and other developmental disabilities, using the guiding principles of Everyday Lives and the Recovery Movement. Through case studies, articles, interviews, and related academic sources, Positive Approaches Journal will strive to feature resources, observations, and advancements that are relevant and timely to professionals and supporters.”

 - Positive Approaches will accept various types of articles, such as:

  • Case Studies
  • Policy Briefs
  • Data Highlight
  • Randomized Trials
  • Literature Reviews
  • Data Applications/Relevance

- Submissions should be submitted electronically and be double spaced, 4-6 pages in length, including references.

- Submissions should relate/adhere to themes determined by the Editorial Board.

- Confidentiality of any person(s) involved in the case study should be maintained and is the responsibility of the author.

- A cover page (also submitted electronically) should include the title of the article, maximum 90-word abstract, contact name, agency or organization, mailing address, phone number and 2-3 sentence description of background and experience of each author.

- Authors assume full responsibility for the accuracy of the content in their articles, including references, quotations, tables, and figures.

- Authors must follow the AMA Manual of Style

- A term more descriptive than “subjects” should be used in empirical research reports: a pseudonym first (children) or last (adults) name is generally acceptable.

- Articles submitted are sent for review to anonymous reviewers, who are selected from and by the Editorial Board on the basis of expertise and interest in the topic involved. Editorial decisions will be sent to the author along with a summary of information critical to the decisions, and, if appropriate, for the revision of the manuscript for either publication or resubmission for a second review.

- Authors submitting a manuscript do so with the understanding that if it is accepted for publication, copyright belongs with the Positive Approaches Journal, including the right to reproduce the article in all forms and media, and not to the author. The publishers will not refuse any reasonable request by the author and/or others for permission to reproduce any of his or her contributions to the journal. Requests to reprint, cite excerpts, and so forth should be sent to the editors.

- To reprint Positive Approaches material, a written request for permission should be made to the Editorial Board. Permission to make photocopies is not required; however, the copyright notice must appear on all copies.

- Authors whose manuscripts are accepted for publication will receive a link to the digital edition in which their manuscript appears. There is no remuneration for articles accepted. There is no fee for review of manuscripts.